VIETIN Virtual Prepaid Card
Today, when ecommerce has developed dramatically, online shopping is not new to us. When you own Vietinbank E-Fast On Card, you can easily make online transactions around the world without having to go to bank for card-issuing and the high level of safety than regular Visa card.

What is Vietinbank E-Fast On card?

The Vietinbank E-Fast On Card is a prepaid Visa card that allows you to shop securely online wherever Visa logo is accepted. Customers do need neither a bank account nor plastic card. Just login Vietinbank' Card Purchase website, you can own a simple and convenient Vietinbank E-Fast On Card.

Some benefits of Vietinbank E-Fast On
  • Use in Vietnam and around the world wherever Visa is accepted.
  • No credit card, no bank account.
  • High level of safety, simple use and save time.
  • Enjoy Vietinbank and Visa customer promotion program during each period.

Some issues customers must know when using Vietinbank Shopping Online Card:
  • Vietinbank E-Fast On card cannot transfer or withdraw cash at any ATMs, POS. It just uses for shopping online at the websites within Visa logo.
  • One card can be loaded money one time until it is used up. Therefore, when the card runs out of money, customers must purchase a new card to continue shopping online.
  • Customers can't buy goods that cost more than the balance left on their card. Vietinbank E-Fast On is a prepaid card so that online shopping can be done whenever customers loaded enough money onto the card, if not the transaction will be rejected.
  • Your Vietinbank E-Fast On Card will expire 1 month from the issuing date. After a month, your card will be closed and the card balance will not be refunded.
  • Customers are responsible for card security. If customers forget or lose the card information, for any reason, Vietinbank will not have the responsibility to re-provide card information to customers.

Some steps to purchase Vietinbank Shopping Online Card:
  • Step 1: Visit the website, select "Purchase" to order Vietinbank Shopping Online Card.

  • Step 2: Select the value of prepaid card and the quantity of prepaid card. Please pay close attention that your card number must be a multiple of 10,000 VND and valued from 10,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND. After selecting the value and quantity of the card, choose "Save & Continue" to move to the next screen. If you do not want to continue the transaction, select "Back".

  • Step 3: The screen asks to confirm card information including the value of the card and the quantity of the card. Then you select "Continue" to confirm and move to the next step. If you want to change the information, select "Back".

  • Step 4: Payment
  • Customers can use credit cards, debit cards of all banks to make a Vietinbank Shopping Online Card purchase.

  • Step 5: After successful payment, information will be displayed on your computer screen including:

    •     Card number
          Expiry date



No. Types of fee Fee
1 Issuing fee 6.600 VND